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Shivam Dance Academy | NZ Dance Teachers

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Shivam Dance Academy

Shivam Dance Academy


Bollywood Dance Lessons | Adult Dance Lessons, BollyFit Dance Lessons, Folk Dance Lessons, Indian Classical Dance Lessons, Kathak, Preschool Dance Classes

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About Shivam Dance Academy

Shivam Dance Academy, NZ, provides the very best in Kathak and Bollywood dance training, fitness and performances in the greater Wellington region. We cater to all dance backgrounds and age groups … AGE IS NO LIMIT!!
We provide professional dance training through our various classes for all age-groups and skill-levels. Whether you want to learn a new style, prepare for a performance, or just try a fun new way to stay in shape – we have the right class for you!
SDANZ motto:
  • Creating international interest in the community through multicultural stage programs for various organizations and educational institutions.

  • To give the students self-confidence, exposure through stage appearances and also be able to give them the opportunity to perform with live musicians, celebrities…etc

  • Students are taught how to teach and pass on these various dance forms to the newer generations in order to preserve the art form and also giving teaching opportunities.

  • Offering dance as an outlet for creative self-expression for all ages.

  • Teaching and promoting the knowledge and awareness of the North Indian classical dance form known as Kathak  – Sponsoring visiting dancers and accompanying musicians through performances and workshops to preserve and expose the heritage of the dance form.


Beginner classes include basic pure dance techniques of Nritta – Basic footwork tatkar and different variation of footworks including ladi and tihai, basic movements and combinations, small tode, tukras, and pirouettes. Abhinaya (mimetic aspect) or Nritya through both historical stories and self-exploratory stories. Through these they develop their awareness of space, body and rhythm and learn to be disciplined which is an indispensable requirement for Indian classical dance, thus working on building a very strong foundation.

The Intermediate class focuses on the above with more complicated grammar and technique of Kathak, as well as introducing the students to other rhythmic cycles and abhinaya through Vandana, Bhajan, and Gat Bhava etc.

Advance classes are geared towards the students interested in more performing experience. While focusing on in depth technique, abhinaya and choreography. Emphasis is placed on stage presence, communication with musicians, and responding to music and audience, building stamina for performance. Advance students also get training on instructing classes and choreographing dances, which brings forth their individual creativities.

Theory sessions are an integral part of the classes to develop insight into the dance form.


Whether you are a budding dancer, just want to learn for recreational purposes or socialize while learning to dance and show a move or two on the dance floor, EVERYONE IS WELCOME. You do not have to be a professional dancer or have any prior dance training to enjoy dancing. All you need is a positive attitude, a desire and willingness to learn and motivation to stay fit and healthy.

Our classes are casual, informal and a LOT of fun! Each class starts with a light warm-up which includes cardio, stretching, and preparatory technical exercises specific to Indian dance. Following the warm-up, we will learn step-by- step choreography set to Bollywood music. The combination of steps taught will strengthen the dancer’s awareness of music, timing, spacing and precision. The choreography will progress over several classes. The training will give you the confidence to execute mesmerizing performances at any level. All students start as beginners and continue to enhance their level of performance.

Students then progress to Intermediate and Advanced batches. Our classes focus on fun, a positive attitude, enhancing confidence, and we encourage and motivate shy people to lose their inhibitions. The dance moves are energetic, using every part of the body, giving it a great workout. During the classes, students will experience modern Indian dance with a combination of folk (bhangra, garba), semi-classical, Indian, jazz, funk, latin and hip hop – performed to the latest, old and popular Bollywood tracks.

Students can choose to perform during various festivals and celebrations. This is optional. Students will also have the option of taking part in our  Dance Production where you or your child will have the opportunity to shine on stage!!!

Bollywood fitness – All Skill/Fitness Levels Welcome!

A great way to stay fit and healthy, with our fitness instructor Shveta. Dance to the popular Bollywood tunes, burn those stubborn calories using cardio, pump, aerobics, stretches and much more. Get fit and get into shape in a fun casual environment. All fitness levels welcome!


Terms are based on school terms. During performances, there could be extended term/extra classes. No classes on Public Holidays. 20%* Family Discount- Applicable to sisters, brothers, parents, partners. 20%* Multi-class Discount- if you enrol in more then one type of dance style. Please check the correct venue for each classes. Fees vary for each class. Fees to be paid by 2nd week of the term. Delays may incur additional fees. Learn something new, get fit, make new friends, we have something for everyone. First class FREE so just come along! Enrol Now!
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