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Jazz Unlimited

Jazz Unlimited


Adult Dance Lessons, Ballet Lessons, Ballroom Dancing Lessons, Contemporary Dance Lessons, Drama Lessons, Hip Hop Dance Lessons, Jazz Dance Lessons, Latin Dance Lessons, Musical Theatre Lessons, Preschool Dance Classes, Tap Dancing Lessons

  • Qualifications: Professionally trained and qualified teachers in American Jazz Dance (AJDA), American Tap (AJDA), Urban Ignition hip hop (APDA), Lucidity Contemporary (APDA), Encore Theatre Dance (Musical Theatre) (APDA), and Classical Ballet (APDA). These syllabi are created and managed by top international providers. Internationally trained teacher for Argentine Tango, Salsa, Modern Jive, and Ballroom dance.
  • Pricing: Please contact the studio for information on tution and other fees.
  • Suitability: 3+

About Jazz Unlimited

About Jazz Unlimited

Jazz Unlimited has been one of the Waikato’s premier dance studios for nearly 30 years. Visit us to discover why we are so special.

Preschool Dance

See your child’s creativity, confidence and skills grow, while having fun through dance.

We teach the fundamentals of each dance style in a happy yet focused setting. Pre-schoolers have fun and learn to dance. Our facilities are new, and custom designed, with the latest safety features.

Preschool dance syllabi:
American Jazz (3+4 years old)

Preschool Class timetable:
Tuesdays: 4.30-5.00 Tiny Dancers Jazz (3+4 year olds)
Saturdays: 9.00-9.30 Tiny Dancers Jazz (3+4 year olds)

Preschool dance fees:

These are $60.00 per term, but only $50.00 per term if paid prior to the start of a term.

American Jazz Dance

Jazz Unlimited teaches the AJDA Jazz syllabus, through all 14 levels. It is the premier jazz dance syllabus. The work fully trains students in all aspects of basic Ballet and jazz techniques, the jazz dance style, and the dynamics required to encourage performance, style and the sheer enjoyment of dance.

American Jazz levels:
Preschool – Tiny Dancers – age 3+4 years
Introductory Jazz (five levels) – age 5-10 years
Elementary Jazz (3 levels) – age 10-12 years
Intermediate Jazz (3 levels) – age 13-16 years
Advanced Jazz (3 levels) – age 16-20 years

American Tap

Jazz Unlimited teaches the AJDA Tap syllabus. The American Jazz Dance Affiliation Tap Syllabus has been created by Kay Muir and Glyn Gray. It is a new and exciting Tap Syllabus with the emphasis on rhythmic quality through an easy style.

The work promotes a growing understanding of Tap technique. Accompanying all this is cool and funky music. Classes are structured and focused, but a real emphasis is placed on embracing the pure joy that dance brings through movement. Our teachers nurture and guide students in a calm and happy setting.

American Tap levels:
There are 8 levels. Level 1 normally starts at 6 years of age, but need to be 7 before sitting the exam. The higher levels take 2 years each before the exam is taken.

Hip Hop

Jazz Unlimited teaches Urban Ignition Hip Hop. It is an examination-based syllabus which is created and professionally supported by the Asia Pacific Dance Association, which has studios around the world. If you want to learn a fresh, fun and creative style of street dance, then Urban Ignition Hip Hop is for you. Classes are structured and focussed, with a strong emphasis placed on performance and technique. There are 12 levels.

Hip Hop levels:
There are 12 exam-based levels, starting at age 5. The higher levels may take 2 years before sitting the exam.

Classical Ballet

We teach the APDA syllabus. It is recognised as exceptionally professional with very high standards. Our facilities are new, and custom designed, with the latest safety features.

Classical Ballet Levels:
Starting from –
PrePrimary ballet – age 5 years
There are 12 exam-based levels.


Jazz Unlimited uses the Lucidity Contemporary syllabus from APDA, teaching all 10 levels from junior to advanced. Incorporating certain elements of ballet, jazz and modern dance, contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that is less rigid than the traditional forms of classical dance. Our teachers nurture and guide students in a calm and happy setting.

We now have the Encore Theatre Dance syllabus from APDA as well. See the Timetable for our Musical Theatre and other classes – www,jazzunlimited.co.nz .

Planet Dance

Dancing will change your life! So let’s dance.

We teach the following partner dance styles – Ballroom and Latin; Salsa; Argentine Tango; Latin Rock (Modern Jive). Please contact the studio in the first instance.

Syllabus & levels:
All levels – age 12 to adult.

Contact Jazz Unlimited