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Denise Henderson Studio of Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre

Denise Henderson Studio of Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre


Tap Dancing Lessons | Adult Dance Lessons, Contemporary Dance Lessons, Jazz Dance Lessons, Modern Dance Lessons, Musical Theatre Lessons,

  • Pricing: $70 to $130 per term
  • Suitability: 5 year old and up - beginner to competition level.

About Denise Henderson Studio of Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre

Denise is considered to be one of New Zealand’s most respected and successful Tap Dancing choreographers, teachers, and adjudicators, having successfully run dance classes in Dunedin for 38 years to the highest level of national and international competition. Denise trains over 50 dancers ‘one on one’ for competitions as well as classes in musical theatre and acting and is excited to launch new NZAMD Jazz classes for children 6-10 years in 2020.

The studio boasts a talented teaching staff of fully qualified teachers with extensive performance, musical theatre, singing, tap and ballet/jazz training, qualifications and experience.

“Musical Theatre is my daughter’s favourite after school activity. Denise is a perfectionist when it comes to being a tap dancing teacher, she wants the best from her students.”

“Bonding of students – making long term friends and good for confidence, encourages determination and a good work ethic, teaches students to perform not just do the technical part”

“Denise- super talented lady with an exceptional amount of knowledge about dance and musical theatre. The dance school is also a community where children feel valued and Denise takes the time to get to know her students and provide them with dances that suit their personalities and abilities.”

“Denise goes the extra mile for her students and supports them and their families in difficult times so that the children always have the opportunity to dance, regardless of what is happening in their lives. Denise has helped us in a situation like this and we are very grateful for this.”

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